Why Attend

Your Benefits

  • Position yourself as a Leader alongside those driving Europe’s transition to a low carbon economy in a post-Paris world
  • Access European Businesses and Government Leaders
  • Influence the Transition to a Low Carbon World
  • Optimise Your Growth Strategy
  • Invest in Emissions Reductions
  • Manage Climate Risks
  • Deploy Low Carbon Technologies at Scale
  • Acquire and Develop Knowledge
  • Share Experiences and Best Practices
  • Promote Your Organisation
  • Increase Your Network

Key Thematic Areas

European Climate Action: Europe is a world leader in climate action and is evaluating options to reach net zero emissions by 2050. This will require action at an unprecedented scale which will impact all parts of the economy. But the requirement to take action has never been clearer, stronger or louder. At the heart of Europe’s climate ambition is the world’s largest emissions trading system. 2018 saw unprecedented market activity with European carbon units finishing the year as the best performing major global commodity. 2019 and beyond heralds new territory for the market with new rules and regulations, uncertainties around Brexit, links to new markets and sectors, and funds to drive innovation and new technology. ECS will focus on what these developments mean for the future of climate action in Europe, among many other topics.

International Markets: The adoption of the Paris Rulebook at COP24 in Katowice was a clear milestone for international climate action. But much work remains to implement and bring to life the Paris Agreement. More importantly, the guidance for market cooperation (Article 6) under the Agreement, left out from the Rulebook at COP24, will be a key piece of work in 2019 due for completion by COP25 in Santiago. At the same time, several countries are moving forward to implement bilateral and multilateral forms of collaboration to reduce emissions through market-based measures, preparation for CORSIA is in full swing as we approach the start date and voluntary action is on the rise. ECS will look at the state of play in international carbon markets, reflecting on the challenges lying ahead and discussing the way forward.


The European Climate Summit brings together business leaders from energy, industry and transport, investors, traders, analysts, lawyers and project developers, along with legislators and government representatives. Media and news agents, as well as academia will also be present.

It offers valuable opportunities to interact with a variety of experts on how climate change is affecting their businesses, what the major challenges are and what solutions should be implemented. Discuss, debate and network with climate leaders from across the continent.